Upstox Review: My Honest Review | Demat Account Opening Procedure and Steps

Upstox Review

Last Updated on September 18, 2022

Upstox review
Upstox broker 2.0

Upstox 2.0

Free Demat Account
Free Trading Account
0 Brokerage on Mutual Fund
0 Brokerage on IPOs
Up to ₹20/order on Equity,
F&O, Commodity and Currency

Upstox is a broker firm. It is an online trading platform for stocks. It counts as one of the best reliable platforms. It is the Best Discount Broker or Best Low-Cost Online Broker In India.

Either you have to purchase stocks, Mutual funds or Intraday trading (Equity Intraday) Upstox is a better platform. Upstox is better usable in both Web browsers and Mobile Phones.

In the end, we will conclude:

  1. Is Upstox good for mutual funds?
  2. Is Upstox a Safe and reliable platform?
  3. Upstox Brokerage plans
  4. Stock market Demat Account online
  5. Customer support
  6. Upstox Pro Web

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Upstox review | Demat and Trading Account 2022

upstox review 2
Upstox review
9.2Expert Score
Upstox – Best Discount Broker In India

Opening a Free Demat and Trading account in Upstox is so easy. Flat Rs.20 Brokerage charges on trades or 0.05% respective to trade value. Stop loss and better charting tools equipped. No charges for using the software.

Account Opening Charges
AMC Charges
Better Charting Platform
Customer Service
User-Friendly Interface
  • No brokerage charges for equity delivery
  • Great Trading platform
  • No hidden charges or fixed brokerage charges
  • No software uses charges
  • Margin Against Shares is available
  • Upstox MF Platform offers 1000’s Mutual Funds to invest with a single click
  • 3-in-1 accounts are available with the partnership of Induslnd bank
  • Investment in IPO and FPO is not yet possible
  • Call and trade (C&T) facility fee is charged at an extra Rs.20 per executed order
  • Doesn’t provide stock tips or recommendations.
Upstox broker 2.0
Free Demat Account
Free Trading Account
0 Brokerage on Mutual Fund
0 Brokerage on IPOs
Up to ₹20/order on Equity, F&O, Commodity and Currency

Why Upstox?

Upstox Review
Upstox review

Upstox (earlier recognised as RKSV Securities) is a top discount broker in India. It is good for traders who look for low brokerages, high margins, and trustworthy trading platforms. Upstox charges fix brokerage charges of only Rs.20 per trade.

Upstox is one of the Best Discount Brokers In India, especially for regular traders. Is funded by top Indian businessman Mr Ratan Tata. Charges start from Rs.0 to Rs.20 per trade and irrespective of trade volume. They have 1 Crore+ happy customers and investors who are using their platform.

Upstox Review

Curious to know what is the difference between Demat and Trading Account. Check this full article here. You will know everything in the Upstox review today.

Once you successfully open a Upstox account, here’s how you will benefit:

  • Easy Discovery: You can Explore the latest IPOs and Mutual Fund offerings easily, Invest directly in these IPOs and the stock is so user friendly
  • Latest Market Updates: Receive daily stock market updates and all the latest news at your fingertips. From every corporate action to price movement to major announcements, all on Upstox
  • Good-Till-Triggered (GTT) Orders: With GTT, you can place 3-leg conditional orders all at once. Just Define buy/sell price; profit target and the stop-loss amount and leave the rest to the Upstox AI system. GTT is also valid on F&O orders till expiry
  • TradingView and ChartsIQ chart libraries: Library of powerful stock analysis using 100+ charts with 250+ indicators. You can easily Toggle between TradingView and ChartsIQ libraries
  • Margin Trading Facility and Margin Pledge: Use the Margin Trading Facility to buy stocks with just 50% of funds and hold them for up to 150 days.
Source: Upstox

What makes Upstox the Best Choice for Investors and Traders?

  • Free Demat + Trading account opening
  • Zero brokerage on Stock investment on Delivery orders
  • Zero brokerage on Equity Delivery
  • Easy, fast & simple interface
  • Advanced technology trading platforms with better charts and candles
  • Earn higher returns on Direct Mutual Funds
  • 2000+ Mutual Fund schemes
  • You can Invest as low as ₹500
  • Get 99.9% pure 24K gold
  • Buy/ sell real-time from anywhere
  • Apply for IPOs through UPI
  • Track your IPO application easily
  • TradingView and ChartsIQ chart libraries
  • Comprehensive 2FA authentication

Perks of investing with Upstox

Extra Perks of investing with Upstox

  • Instant withdrawals
  • Invest through SIPs
  • Up to 5x leverage on intraday orders
  • Zero charges on UPI fund transfers
  • Flat brokerage with no hidden costs

Annual Charges

Below are the fresh account opening charges & annual charges:

Flat fees, no hidden charges.

  1. Demat and Trading account opening – Free (limited time offer)
  2. Upstox Annual maintenance charge – Rs.25* + GST applicable (*Monthly basis)

Upstox Brokerage Charges

They offer 0% brokerage on stock delivery. Provide Call & trade service also available at Rs. 20 per executed order.

Below is the table showing applicable charges for Investing:

TypeBrokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryRs.0 (Free)
Equity IntradayLower of Rs.20 per executed order or 0.05% equivalent to per trade
Equity FuturesLower of Rs.20 per executed order or 0.05% equivalent to per trade
Equity OptionsRs.20 Fixed per executed order
Currency Futures & OptionsFutures – Lower of Fixed Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.05% equivalent
Options – Rs. 20 fixed per executed order
Commodity F&OFutures – Lower of Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.05%
Options – Rs. 20 fixed per executed order

Demat and Trading Account Features

  1. Low Brokerage Charges: You will be charged flat Rs.20 brokerage charges under the ‘basic’ plan.
  2. Decent Trading Margins: You will get a margin of trade multiple times the money you own with you.
  3. Free Account Opening (Limited Time): You don’t have to pay anything for account opening charges as this is just for a limited time only. But Rs.25 + GST is applicable for your account maintenance charges.

Upstox 3 in 1 Account Review

upstox review 3
Upstox review

You will get Free Demat, trading & saving account in collaboration with Induslnd bank. The saving account is a Zero balance account. You can earn interest on Funds allocated from your saving account for trade. Another great profit.

IndusStox Account Benefits and Charges (Upstox 3 in 1 Account)

It’s a Demat + Trading + Savings account bundled in one package.

  1. Instant fund transfer facility with the new IndusStox
  2. No minimum balance required
  3. Start earning interest while you trade
  4. Get a Titanium Debit card
  5. Personalized account number
  6. Zero brokerage on delivery

Difference | IndusStox 3-in-1 account vs Traditional Brokers

Upstox Review
Feature/TypesTraditional brokersOther-3-in-1-accountsIndusStox 3-in-1 account
Trading in stocks, commodities, and currenciesYESYESYES
Smart TransferNOYESYES
Zero-balance bank accountNONOYES
Customizable bank account numberNONOYES
₹20 per intraday tradeNONOYES
Free delivery tradingNONOYES

Upstox Priority Pack Plan

The priority plan is specially designed for those Intraday traders who look for higher margins during the trade. There are a few abbreviations used that are:

  • CO – Closing Offset
  • OCO – One Cancels the Other Order
  • BO – Bracket Order
  • F&O – Future and Options
  • CDS – Credit Default Swap

Benefits of Upstox Priority Pack

  1. Up to 28X leverage on index futures using CO/OCO/BO
  2. 2X Intraday leverage on option buy with CO/OCO/BO
  3. 6X leverage on stock futures
  4. 27X Intraday leverage on cash (normally 20X on basic plan)

Priority Pack charges

You can enable priority pack plans as follows

  1. Rs. 999/month for trading in equities, F&O and CDS
  2. Rs. 499/month for For commodities
  3. Rs.30 per trade for priority brokerage charges

Upstox Basic Vs Priority

The basic plan is for fresher or mediumlevel traders while Priority is for advanced levels.

BrokerageRs 30 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Additional charges for Equity, FO and CurrencyRs 999/month0
Additional charges for commodityRs 499/month0

Upstox Margin Compared (Priority vs Basic)

SegmentMargin IntradayBasicPriority Pack
NSE/BSE Cash15X20X
Index Futures3X6X
Stock Futures3X3X
Index Option Sell3X6X
Stock Option Sell3X3X
NSE Currency4X4X
MCX Future2.5X3X
SegmentMargin OC/OCO ordersBasicPriority Pack
NSE/BSE Cash20X27X
Index Futures20X28X
Stock Futures5X6X
NSE Option Buy1.33X2X
Index Option Sell3X4X
Stock Option Sell3X3X
NSE Currency4X5X
MCX Future3X4X

Upstox Pro Review

It is a Desktop browser-based trading platform. It is also called the NEST Trading Platform. It comes with advanced features like API integration, Algo trading, Charts and Technical indicators all in one place. This feature is designed to give you a depth analysis and market perspective understanding.

Upstox PRO App

You can download the Upstox pro app for in-depth market analysis, and track your favourite scripts, and indices. You can monitor the markets using available charting tools and with 100+ technical indicators in the app. The app is available for both Android and IOS platforms.

How to Open the Account with Upstox

You can open an account by two methods: Upstox account opening Process.

1. Online: With the IPV method
2. Traditional: By submitting physical forms

But In both cases you will need the following documents handy:

1. PAN Card
2. Aadhaar Card
3. Specimen Signature
4. Photographs
5. ITR file or Income proof (In case of trade in Derivatives)

Upstox broker 2.0
Free Demat Account
Free Trading Account
0 Brokerage on Mutual Fund
0 Brokerage on IPOs
Up to ₹20/order on Equity
F&O, Commodity and Currency

On the Account opening page:

  • Go to the Signup page (Upstox login only available for pre-registered users)
  • Enter your email id and mobile number for OTP.
  • The user will receive OTP.
  • Enter your OTP.
  • The next step will be form filling process.
  • Personal details, Trading preferences, Bank details.
  • In the last step, authenticate your account with your Adhaar and verify after KYC documents.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is called Upstox App?

    Ans. It is India’s best discount broker which is funded by Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital and GVK Davix. Earlier it was RKSV securities but in 2016 it changed to Upstox with great intuitive trading software.

  2. Is the Upstox account opening free?

    Ans. Account opening is not the free but limited time they have made it free for everyone.

  3. Is it safe to open an account in Upstox?

    Ans. Yes, the account opening is fully safe.

  4. Is Upstox Reliable and Safe?

    Ans. Yes, It is a very reliable and safe trading platform.

  5. How much time does it take to open a Upstox account?

    Ans. Usually, it takes 12-36 hours to open a Demat account.

  6. Is Upstox SEBI registered?

    Ans. Yes, RKSV or Upstox is a member of NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges. It is registered with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a stockbroker. MCX Member Code: 46510

  7. Can we execute our trades smoothly using the app?

    Ans. Yes, you can execute your trades smoothly.

  8. What is the Upstox brokerage calculator?

    Ans. Upstox has its own brokerage calculator tool. You can use the brokerage calculator to calculate exactly how much you will pay in brokerage for any intraday or delivery.

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Summary: Upstox Review or RKSV Review

If you are looking for an advanced trading platform for investing and trading, you can go for Upstox broking company or RKSV company.

You will get the benefits of low charges and AMC from this company. Transaction charges are low or fixed In most cases. While trading through this digital broking company.

The company is an official part of CDSL or Central Depositories Services Limited with DP ID as 81800 inclusion NSDL or National Depository Services Limited. You can add your fund by NEFT or other payment methods in your Stock trading account. It is best for both beginners or Professionals.

You can also check Zerodha, Paytm Money and Angel Broking Firm platforms. In fact, Upstox considers the 2nd most popular discount broker in India after Zerodha. With over 1+ lakh active clients and a daily turnover of ₹25,000 Crores.
Upstox broker 2.0
Free Demat Account
Free Trading Account
0 Brokerage on Mutual Fund
0 Brokerage on IPOs
Up to ₹20/order on Equity, F&O, Commodity and Currency

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