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Top Fiction Novels by Ishita Banik

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

In Ishita’s words: ‘I believe, success itself is a costly thing to achieve. And there is no other way than working hard to reach there.’

If you are really curious to read top fiction novels then our preference will be for ‘Ishita Banik‘ novels.

  • You read and understand what she said?
  • What do you know who is she?
  • Why One of her Novel is best selling novel on amazon.in Kindle edition?
  • What type of fiction she had written and published to date?
3 Top Fiction Novels: Ishita Banik

Who is Ishita Banik?

Ishita Banik, one of the young Indian authors from India. She is a well-known young author from India. along with she is the best selling author of ‘If We Last’. If you are a lover of thriller fiction novels then you should check her novel once. ‘If we last’ is a best seller in thriller fiction. Besides being an author, she is a well-known clothing brand owner, traveller and blogger.

You can follow her on different social media channels and find her as a brand on Google:

If you want to take glimpses of her Interview with HindustanTimes check here: Ishita Banik Full Interview (In conversation with Ishita Banik, the author of ‘If We Last’)

3 Top Fiction Novels by Ishita Banik

Ishita has written 3 novels to date and ‘If we last’ is one of the best selling novels and most popular out on Amazon. below is the list of 3 Top Fiction Novels written and published by Ishita Banik.

Till We Last - Sailing Through Dark, Beyond the Light-years
The City of Tunes
IF WE LAST: After Crossing a Light-year
Last update was on: June 8, 2022 10:26 pm

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Few Glimpses of Ishita Banik Interview (With Hindustan Times)

Ishita Banik had an interview with HT last year (2020). In her interview, she revealed a few of her opinion with the news networks. below are a few questions asked by HT than and below the same will be her responses.

Source: Hindustantimes

Q.1. How hard do you think it is, to become a successful author in India?
Ans. I believe success itself is a costly thing to achieve. And there is no other way than working hard to reach there. There are only a few authors in India with remarkable works. And it’s not that easy to make a place there. I am still on my journey and ‘success’ is a relative word to me. It entirely depends on exactly what your goals are.

Q.2. Which things can make a book best-seller?
Ans. I think the most important things are content and marketing. Your book should have good content and you need to work round-the-clock to make your marketing strategies work.

Q.3. How much social media has helped you in promoting your books?
Ans. After publishing my first book, I started sharing the quotes, book-trailer etc. on social media. Definitely, I utilize it fully while promoting my book. But at the same time, there are challenges, as so many things are being promoted there. You need to create your own strategies to reach out to the audience.

Q.4. Can you share a bit about the stories of your novels?
Ans. My debut novel ‘If We Last’ is a romance thriller. The characters and what happens with them are realistic yet something rare to guess. The plot starts as a romantic story but soon it takes a turn towards some dark, unpredictable paths. There are a lot of twists and turns along with inspiring messages.

Q.5. What about the rest of your novels? Are those of the same genre?
Ans. ‘Till We Last’ is the sequel to ‘If We Last’. And the third novel ‘The City of Tunes’ is a new story and not part of any series. It is a mixture of romance, thriller and mystery.

Q.6. Any words for the young generation who want to be authors?
Ans. Believe in yourself, in your dreams and work hard!

Thank you for your time!

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