FastComet review | SSD Hosting but Better than Bluehost?

Fastcomet review

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

Planning to rise and grow with a good hosting company is so difficult. With so many up and down in hosting, it is so difficult to decide on a good host for you.

The market is full of many popular and high-rated companies like Bluehost Hosting, GreenGeeks Hosting, Inmotion Hosting, Cloudways Hosting and Dreamhost Hosting. But in these hosting companies, we will try to take good and bad in the entire Fastcomet review.

Fastcomet review

At the end of the review, we will conclude whether is it good hosting or not. Why do we consider Fastcomet Hosting over Bluehost Hosting or another popular hosting?

We will give an overview of the comparison with other hosts like Siteground and Bluehost. And why we are using Fatcomet as our preferred host will also discuss below.

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Fastcomet Hosting review, Pros & Cons

Alsomindy blog is also hosted on the F.comet server. Below is the review and expert score provided with pros and cons.

8.9Expert Score
Best SSD Cloud WordPress Hosting

Fast comet has a different hosting package with SSD servers, Strong uptime, Good server speed and free expert premium support. On every pricing plan, they have free CDN Cloud flare protection available. Free daily backups are also included in every package you purchase.

Expert Support
User Friendly
Fastcomet Pros
  • Strong Uptime (Above 99.97%)
  • Above-average Speed (590 ms)
  • Daily Backups (Free)
  • Free Expert Chat and Phone Support
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Domain Transfer (1 Year validity)
Fastcomet Cons
  • Renewal Pricing might get you to disappoint
  • No free domain is provided in any Package
  • Uptime sometime disappoint

FastComet Overview

FastComet Hosting Company was established in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco USA. Fastcomet is a very stable and reliable independent global web hosting company for WordPress users. Hosting is based on cPanel and 24/7 support. It is home to plenty of free 450+ applications. With over 11 several locations in major US cities and all over the world.

Fastcomet review

The top 5 CMS hosted on FastComet are mentioned below:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Prestashop
  • Opencart

The top 5 Language hosted on FastComet are mentioned below:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Microsoft ASP.NET

The top 5 Server hosted on FastComet are mentioned below:

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Phusion Passenger
  • Litespeed
  • Netlify
Do you have one Platform to host your site: Visit Fastcomet and check plans

Fastcomet Features

  1. Free Domain Transfer: This hosting company provides quick and easy free domain transfer for free 1st year.
  2. SSD Only Cloud: Hosting provides up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD or HDD hosting providers.
  3. Free Cloudflare CDN: Speed up your site with a strong Cloudflare CDN.
  4. cPanel Powered: Full cPanel powered hosting.
  5. Daily and Weekly Backups: Get daily and regular updates easily. Even if you get some data loss just ask for a backup you will get an easy and fast backup in one click.
  6. 24/7 Priority Support: Premium support with 24/7 support. The immediate response over Live Chat Support.
  7. Free Managed Migrations: Free and easy migrations service is packed with every plan while many hosts charge for that.
  8. Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t like their service or are unhappy. Don’t think much just apply for a refund with thin 30 days money-back guarantee.
  9. Step-by-Step Tutorial: With over 3000+ pages to learn from to get started with this hosting company.
  10. Free months of hosting: If you renew hosting 6 months earlier than the actual hosting renewal date you will get additional 6 months of unused time compensation from this company.
  11. Multi-Server Location: Host your site from 11 multilocation and over 200 Global CDN Anycast Network access points.
Fastcomet review
Are you hosting your site or blog on WordPress? Try Fastcomet Hosting

Fastcomet Performance

If we talk about the Hosting company and do not include Server Speed, Performance and Downtime. Then the review of the actual host will not be mean good without this.

Choosing the best plan will be a headache but Fastcomet provides an easy pickup plan. That means no hidden charges or any hidden fees with any plan included. The company has fixed pricing plans. Let’s talk about them below.

Is your best friend frustrated with another hosting? Recommend them Fastcomet today

Fastcomet Performance report

In terms of performance, I would recommend it without any second words. But you know why? Because This review blog is also hosted on the Fastcomet hosting server. We have purchased Fastcloud Plus Plan which supports multiple sites to host on one server.

After testing the site on GTmetrix, Pingdom we get the below results. Your test result might be different as the server and testing location matter.

We tested first our primary blog: and we get speed and performance tests on GTmetrix and Pingdom respectively.

GTMetrix Test:
Fastcomet review
Pingdom Test:
Fastcomet review
Are you planning to host a WordPress site: Check Fastcomet hosting

As you can see from the above results the server and performance test of outliving site. For testing purposes, we tried another site that is hosted on the same Fastcomet server. Look at the below screenshot for the performance test.

But you will see the difference in the performance and server speed. This is because One site is full of content and another site has zero content but the speed on both sites is amazing.

Pingdom Test:
Fastcomet review
GTMetrix Test:
Fastcomet review

Fastcomet Uptime & Downtime Report

If we review hosting service and don’t talk about Uptime and Downtime, It will not be worth it. The remaining Uptime for any host is a crucial factor in Hosting a server. Many Hosting providers claim a 100% uptime guarantee but that is really true? I don’t think so.

Do you know why? Earlier I tested around 4 to 6 hosting companies for my WordPress projects. But the issue which I faced so much with these hosting providers is the Downtime and uptime issue.

Fastcomet review

We tested our actual testing site over UptimeRobot. After we checked when and at which time our test site was down and up. We have put our site on Uptimeserve to monitor on 13 Jan 2021. To date, we are monitoring both sites there.

Look at the results below. As in this screenshot, you will see the Uptime of the site set up and monitored on the Uptimerobot server.

Are you planning to host a WordPress site: Check Fastcomet hosting

The site is up and running for the last 1605 hrs, and 59 minutes (which means 66 days). The website is also up and running for the last 24 hours with no downtime received. There is a downtime received of a few minutes (4 minutes) but that was on last 29th January 2021. From Jan to this written review we haven’t seen any downtime on both site.

Uptime & Downtime:
Current status: Up and Running
Uptime: 100% (Last 24 Hours)
Uptime: 100% (Last 7 Days)
Uptime: 100% (Last 30 Days)
Latest Downtime: Last was on 29-01-2021 (No downtime to date)
Fastcomet review
Updated monitor from uptime robot
We have taken the latest uptime monitor screenshot. You can see the latest results.

Fastcomet Pricing Plan

This hosting has a different package according to different requirements. On Shared hosting, you can choose a package of Fastcloud, Fastcloud Plus and Fastcloud Extra. Every package has different features from the start to the last pricing plan. See the actual difference below for each sharing hosting package:

Shared Hosting | Pricing and Features

Starting at $2.95/moStarting at $4.45/moStarting at $5.95/mo
Single WebsiteMultiple WebsitesMultiple Websites
Free Domain TransferFree Domain TransferFree Domain Transfer
cPanel & SoftaculouscPanel & SoftaculouscPanel & Softaculous
15GB SSD Space25GB SSD Space35GB SSD Space
3 Free Website Transfers3 Free Website Transfers
Free Dynamic SSL SealFree Dynamic SSL Seal
1 Click Restore Manager1 Click Restore Manager
30 Daily Backups
3x Fewer Clients
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Fastcomet review
Check initially what I paid to You can also grab such an initial huge discount.

Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS – Pricing & Features

Cloud 1Cloud 2Cloud 3Cloud 4
Starting at $47.95/moStarting at $55.95/moStarting at $71.95/moStarting at $111.95/mo
Single 2.50GHz Core2 x 2.50GHz Cores4 x 2.50GHz Cores6 x 2.50GHz Cores
50 GB SSD Space80 GB SSD Space160 GB SSD Space320 GB SSD Space
2 TB Bandwidth4 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth8 TB Bandwidth
2000 Mbps Network Out4000 Mbps Network Out5000 Mbps Network Out6000 Mbps Network Out
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

VPS servers are protected by FastGuard. Each and every attack is monitored by this. What does this actually cover?

Hosting Account Security Layer

  1. Complete Account Isolation
  2. Brute Force protection for all services
  3. Free Personal SSL encryption on all plans
  4. Up to 30 free daily backups

Application Security Layer

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • DDoS detection and mitigation
  • IP Reputation botnet attacks filter
Fastcomet review

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers | Pricing & Features

DS 1DS 2DS 3DS 4
Starting at $111.19/moStarting at $135.19/moStarting at $183.19/moStarting at $279.19/mo
80 GB SSD Space160 GB SSD Space320 GB SSD Space640 GB SSD Space
4 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth6 TB Bandwidth7 TB Bandwidth
4000 Mbps Network Out5000 Mbps Network Out6000 Mbps Network Out7000 Mbps Network Out
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Whenever you need a website with full consistent performance or full-duty work or 100% usage of CPU every day, means now it’s time to move on to dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are optimized for Rocketbooster. But this Rocket Booster consists of:

Out-of-the-box Optimization

  • Latest and Fastest PHP/MySQL version
  • SSD-only cloud with guaranteed CPU
  • HTTP/2 and free Cloudflare CDN
  • Observer Resource Monitoring

Optional RocketBooster Setup

  1. Varnish Static and Dynamic caching
  2. LiteSpeed LSPHP Technology
  3. Opcode Caching
  4. Optimized static content processing
Fastcomet review

Fastcomet Vs GoDaddy, Bluehost & Inmotion

Starting From$ 2.95 /mo$ 6.99 /mo$ 7.99 /mo$ 6.99 /mo
SSD Only serversYesNoNoYes
Let’s EncryptYesNoNoNo
Cloudflare CDN CachingYesNoNoNo
Web Application FirewallYes IncludedPaidPaidNo
Free Daily BackupsYesPaidNoNo
Multiple server locations11322
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

As we have mentioned the features and pricing plan of this Hosting above. But without a comparison of features with another host, you cannot assume why Fastcomet is better than another host.

Is your best friend frustrated with other hosts? Recommend them Fastcomet today

Let us check a few hosts compared with other hosting providers. You can check Fastcomet Hosting comparison with Siteground, Bluehost and Inmotion Hosting. Check this out below:

Fastcomet has Solid SSD Hosting but is Better than Bluehost?

Even Bluehost is recommended by officially but that does mean you will get each and every feature in that hosting. Might be WordPress will have considered many things before recommending them as the best hosting.

But from time to time things have changed.

Many hosting companies have come into the market with the best services and features so we can not deny that Bluehost is far better than Fastcomet this time. Further users choose to choose which service they love and go for.

We decide to choose Fastcomet Hosting as the preferred host as we had already tried many hosts but many things we didn’t get free. But when compared to another host we decided to go with this host.

FastComet hosting
Source: Fastcomet

FAQ – Fastcomet review

Q.1. What is WordPress?

Ans. WordPress is software written in PHP language that you can use to create your own site, blog, or even application. WordPress has been improving to an extensively flexible Content Management System (CMS) day by day.

Q.2. How many Pricing Plans does Fastcomet have?

Ans. Fastcomet has different plans according to users’ needs. Shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Woocommerce hosting.

Q.3. Does Fastcomet have any hidden contracts?

Ans. After signup for the hosting platform, you will not get any hidden charges or fees from their end.

Q.4. Do they have any money-back guarantee?

Ans. Yes, the Hosting company has a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you are not ready to proceed further with this hosting company you can apply for a refund.

Summary: Fastcomet review

We tried to do each and every point to tell you in a simple way in today’s Fastcomet review. This hosting is very reliable and stable.

We are using this hosting around their server uptime and speed more accurate and good. Even from the date, we purchased the hosting package around 2 to 3 times just we have received downtime.

As I earlier said, the Last downtime we received on January 2021. From till we have faced any website down an issue or any other server-side issues.

Earlier I tried many hosts like Cloudways Hosting, Hostgator Hosting, Inmotion Hosting and Hostinger Hosting. We experienced their platform and cPanel. We checked their internal benefits and drawbacks. If we have missed anything in the Fastcomet review just let us know by commenting below.

Thank you for your time.

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