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Last Updated on August 15, 2022

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Have you ever hosted your website on the blogspot.com platform? In my earlier years, when I started learning to blog, I used to create a blog spot domain.

But in later years, I shifted to the WordPress platform for so many things and made so many mistakes.

So today, we have done an Elementor review and its advanced level, i.e., Elementor Pro. The leading competitor, WPBakery page builder (exclusive on Envato themes store), is the most popular website builder for the WordPress site.

In my earlier years, I even didn’t know what a Page builder is. But, I see many sites and always notice how they will design their site’s Homepage or another page.

After a lot of internet research, I found that there is a thing called Page builder. What is a page builder for websites? How are works in the backend and on the front of the website? Let’s jump into the main article.

Elementor Pro & Review

What Is Page Builder For Websites?

As I said above, in my earlier years, I even don’t know WordPress page builders. That time just for learning purposes, I used the Divi theme from Elegant themes.

Before using this theme for a learning goal, I didn’t know what an individual page builder is for the site. 

Website builders are typically for the construction of a site without touching the manual code of any theme.

Three Page Builder Categories:

  1. Which comes with the online web hosting platform
  2. Individual page builder plugin
  3. It comes Integrated with many themes
Create Websites
#1 web creation platform for WordPress
8M+ Websites Built With Elementor
330 + Tutorials, Webinars, Courses

What Is Elementor Page Builder?

Elementor is a professional web page builder. It is a professional page builder for a WordPress website. With the individual builder, you can have a license for one website.

But if you have several sites, you have to upgrade for above the personal right—a few points about This excellent page builder.

  1. It is a frontend visual page builder. It is for all, including developers, designers, and marketers.
  2. It also refers to the GPLv3 license available both as free and premium. From its launch in 2016 to date, it has crossed 50 Lakhs plus active downloads and installs.
  3. It is not the first-page builder who came into the market earlier there were lots of builders coming into the market. But this did such a good job and made the #1 best-rated plugin on the WordPress Plugin repository.
Have you already tried WP Bakery (Earlier Visual Composer) Plugin? Try Elementor Today

Why Elementor Page Builder?

Are you looking to design a website without touching a single line of code? Try Elementor today. But why?

  1. It will provide you with complete frontend control to design every side of the site.
  2. You can create a custom header and footer with this page builder, but that is possible only with the Elementor Pro version. Many users say its free version is enough to create beautiful pages with a free version but if you need more custom designs, just use the Pro version.

Features and Benefits

This page builder comes with many features and benefits loaded.

  1. Page builder has a drag and drops feature.
  2. The live editing feature will blow your mind as the Homepage of our site alsomindy.com is also made up of this excellent visual page builder.
  3. The visual editor has nay bloatware which makes it slow like a few others. It is a very fast builder and page editor as compared to other builders.
  4. You have options and choices of content modules around 90+.
  5. Modules have Buttons, headlines, forms, sections, Header, footer, Text editor, icon box, icon list, progress bar, sidebar, and many more.
  6. It has more than 300+ beautifully crafted templates designed for every site type.
  7. It comes with responsive editing; you can switch to desktop, tablet, or mobile view.
  8. It has an inbuilt popup builder which will give you the freedom to create pixel-perfect popups which will help you advance targeting.
  9. It comes with an integrated theme builder to create and edit each part of the site.
  10. It has an exclusive and most potent Woocommerce shop builder.
  11. AutosaveRedoUndo, and revision history will make your workflow more convenient.
  12. Draft modecopypaste, and global widget let you save any piece of content and paste anywhere you need to place it.
Elementor pro 5

As mentioned above, some features of this page builder will be handy if you want to create a site from scratch.

Apart from that, the Above mentioned 90+ creative content elements you can use on your site. Every content element is helpful for every type of content-based site or any other business site.

You can easily design a dynamic or static content website.

Suppose you are thinking of creating a Dynamic site with advanced functionality. In that case, This page builder will easily integrate with the ACF plugin to provide you with advanced options and functionality.

Try Elementor Free Today: Go and Check

Elementor Pricing

It is free. (You can use and try the Premium version of Elementor Pro for free download for 30 days)

Are you looking for how to get Elementor Pro for free? It is not difficult to get a Free version of this Paid part as you can try 30 days free without any doubt.

Yes, but you have to proceed with the Elementor pro plan if you need more advanced features. Elementor Pro’s pricing structure starts from 4 types of pricing plans, i.e., Free, Essential, Advanced, and Expert. In addition, every project comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. The free plan is a total of $0 means you can use this lifetime free.
  2. The essential program starts from $49/Year for only a single site license.
  3. The advanced plan starts from $99/Year for up to the permit of 3 sites.
  4. The Expert package starts from $199/Year and a maximum of 25 places you can purchase easily with this plan.
Elementor Pro & Review

Elementor Pro review

The free plan is awesome. But why go for the Elementor Pro version? 50+ awesome elements and premium support will be available only on the pro version.

let’s see the difference below table why you should prefer the Pro version along with the Free version.

The #1 Drag & Drop Website BuilderYESYES
40+ Basic WidgetsYESYES
50+ Pro WidgetsNOYES
Theme BuilderNOYES
Popup Builder​NOYES
WooCommerce BuilderNOYES
Dynamic Content NOYES
Custom Fields CapabilitiesNOYES
Premium SupportNOYES

How To Use Elementor?

Creating a site or page with this page builder from scratch is very easy.

On any page which you want to design, click on “Edit With Elementor“.

A new page with page builder-loaded features will load on the front end of your site. (Similar to the below image)

Now you are on Page Builder Frontend

1. It will be Page builder elements and SEO options panel.
2. All features you will see here.
3. If you want to add a new section or column, click there.
4. Pre-made templates gallery.

We have taken up a section of the image in the empty canvas of the page. So you get an idea of how you can easily add any area and easily add elements to that section.

Elementor Pro & Review

The exact process will follow; you will add up every time.

Now, if you are going to create a new template or page, follow the below steps:

  1. Follow step 3 from the above “Dashboard” Section. Suppose you have to add an image in any section.
  2. Click on “6 box cog,” as shown in point number 1 in the above screenshot.
  3. Click on the “image element” as shown in Dashboard Section (point number 2)
  4. Select your image as set up there. (as in point number 3)
  5. Preview and Publish.
  6. (That’s All)

Compatible Elementor Themes | Free and Premium

Free Compatible Themes

  1. Astra – A fast, elegant & customizable theme that is customizer-powered and SEO friendly.
  2. Hello – A plain-vanilla & lightweight theme for the Elementor website builder.
  3. Layers -A free responsive multipurpose theme.
  4. EleComm – Premium full theme at zero price, EleComm is an Elementor-enhanced, WooCommerce theme.
  5. Sydney – Sydney is a powerful business theme. Best theme for companies or freelancers to create an awesome online presence.
  6. GeneratePress – A good free theme. Fast, lightweight and well constructed.
  7. OceanWP – A free Multi-Purpose WordPress perfect to create any kind of website, fully customizable, fast and SEO friendly.
  8. Rife Free – Portfolio & photography WP theme with 7 ready-to-use full demos build on Elementor.
  9. Neve – Neve has a minimalist approach to help users build well-designed sites fast.
  10. Phlox – A free and compatible theme with Elementor.
  11. Ashe – Personal and Multi-Author Free WordPress Blog Theme.
  1. Jupiter X – Most popular theme on ThemeForest, with over 152K+ sales. It has recently been rebuilt using Elementor.
  2. Phlox Pro – Most popular premium Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme.
  3. Porto – It is a premium Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme.
  4. TheGem – Most Popular Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme
  5. XStore – Most Popular Highly Customizable WooCommerce Theme & WordPress

FAQ – Pro Elementor Review

  1. Can I edit my blog page with Elementor?

    Ans. Yes, You can edit the blog page with Theme builder.

  2. Does it work with other WordPress plugins?

    Ans. Yes, It works almost with every plugin. If you experience any compatibility issues you can report directly to the Elementor developer.

  3. Can I edit all the Woo Commerce pages?

    Ans. Yes, you can edit all the woo commerce pages with this page builder.

  4. Can I create my theme with Elementor?

    Ans. Is it possible to create every part of your theme using the Page builder template and create an infinite number of websites?

  5. Do I need Elementor and Elementor pro?

    Ans. Yes, it would be best to get Elementor Pro because it adds Powerful New Functionality and Unlocks The Full Template Library.

  6. What includes Elementor pro?

    Ans. For a professional web designer, it includes some vital widgets and features.

  7. Should I deactivate Elementor if I have Elementor pro?

    Ans. No, You should not do that because Elementor Pro is the add-on of the Elementor plugin.

  8. Which is better Gutenberg or Elementor?

    Ans. Gutenberg is a post editor, while Elementor is a page or complete site builder. So both have their importance.

  9. Is Elementor free with WordPress?

    Ans. Yes, The basic version is free.

  10. How to add google reviews to Elementor?

    Ans. The first option is to Add Google & Yelp Reviews to WordPress With Ultimate Addons for Elementor and the second option is Elementor Google reviews Widget.

  11. Which are the most affordable and good Elementor widgets for Elementor?

    Ans. It is an essential addon for Elementor review.

  12. Is Elementor easy to use?

    Ans. As compared to other page builders Elementor UI and UX are very user-friendly. Once you have good knowledge of operating knowledge of Elementor anyone can design beautiful pages with ease.

Summary: Elementor Review & Pro Version

In today’s Elementor review, we covered basic and advanced points of the Free and Pro version. Above, we have mentioned why and when you should go for the Pro version if you are not fully satisfied with the Free version of this page builder.

In our Elementor review, we have mentioned why and when you should buy a premium license if you have a single site and many locations.

Why Consider

  1. It’s free and comes GPLv3 license.
  2. Features and content elements are fantastic as we are already using this great plugin to design our site.
  3. Easily create custom web pages or Header, and footer.
  4. If you want to adjust the viewing angle and area of any page according to Mobile or desktop, this will help you.

Why Not Consider

  1. In most cases, you need to change the design plan according to your choice. Still, colour and typography will often make a headache for you.
  2. If you have good knowledge of Padding and margin, then touch on those sections. Otherwise, it will make it more headache to find out where the main error or any other visual issue you are getting.

Overall we have included everything in our Elementor review. However, if we have missed anything, just let us know by comment below.

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