Keyword Revealer: How To Find Easy To Rank Keywords? (2022)

Keyword Revealer: How To Find Easy To Rank Keywords?

If you are on this article means you are looking for an affordable keyword research tool. Today we will do a Keyword Revealer review, Their Pros, cons and a full overview. This SEO or keyword research tool is very cost-effective and will easily fit in your pocket.

In our one article, we have mentioned the 8 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO i.e 2 free SEO, Semrush, Ahrefs, SEMScoop, Keyword Revealer, KWfinder and Serpstat. These all tools are the Best premium Seo tool to do overall SEO for your website. If you looking for reviews of premium tools then must check below:

  1. SEMrush review

But if you haven’t much budget or do not want to go beyond keyword research then the KR tool is the best alternative to these premium tools.

Keyword Revealer
keyword revealer lifetime

What Is Keyword Revealer?

Keyword Revealer is a standard and only keyword research tool with a cool “Keyword Tree” feature.

Keyword tree or Brainstorm shows you an idea as a tree. With every click, a new branch or bunch of new keyword trees will open up.

It produces accurate keyword data directly from Google. It is a huge time saver for anyone looking to uncover low-competition keywords.

How To Do Keyword Research With Keyword Revealer?

Follow the below steps to do Keyword Research:

  1. Sign up for a free account first. This step is just in case you need a trial only of this tool. Just move to keyword revealer login.
  2. On Dashboard Just enter any seed keyword like i.e. “Digital Marketing” in our case.

3. Enter your Seed keyword.

Keyword Revealer

4. Just entering your seed keyword you will get an insight and data of the exact seed keyword. You will get Keyword ideas, Monthly Volume, CPC, Profit their word count and Keyword Difficulty.

Keyword Revealer

5. Brainstorm ideas or Keyword Trees you will get from this tool. You will get many different long tails keywords with this keyword tool.

keyword revealer review

Keyword Revealer Features

  1. Keyword Research: With 10,000+ search locations all over the world you can find hundreds of long-tail keyword ideas in seconds with the amazing keyword research tool.
  2. Discover Keywords: Identify keywords with high search volume and low competition.
  3. Evaluate Keywords: It reveals Instantly the ranking difficulty and metrics (Moz, Majestic, Alexa etc.)
  4. Competitive Analysis: You can easily Identify easy to win keywords using the competitor gap tool.
  5. Backlink Analysis: You can find a competitor’s backlinks with our powerful tool with over 10 Trillion Backlinks (inc. Majestic) and 2.8 trillion unique URLs crawled on their database.

Plan & Pricing

In terms of pricing, there is nothing to compromise. they have 4 types of plans. In case you didn’t find this tool useful you have an option for 7-Days Money Back Guarantee.

  1. Free – $0
  2. Basic – $9.97/m Paid Monthly – $7.50/m, $90 Paid Annually
  3. Pro – $27.97/m Paid Monthly – $17.50/m, $210 Paid Annually
  4. Elite – $47.97/m Paid Monthly – $29.50/m, $354 Paid Annually
Daily Searches350300800
Daily Competitor Keywords0125150
Daily Competitive Analysis002550
Brainstorming Usage (Google/Youtube)325150400
Rank Tracker (keywords)025150400


Q.1. Can I Change Subscription Plan?

Ans. Yes. It is a pay-as-you-go service. There is no long term contract between the company and its users.

Q.2. Will Do I Receive Regular Updates?

Ans. Yes, as long as you stay subscribed user of this company, you will remain regular updates.

Q.3. What is good keyword difficulty?

Ans. KD between 30% to 70% consider being a good keyword to work for.

Q.4. How to get a keyword revealer paid account for free?

Ans. It’s very simple, there is no special hack to grab a KR account free. Every user who will sign up the first time can have 1 free account.

Final Word: KR Review & Overview

Having this tool especially for your keyword research has a good idea as you can’t afford a high budget tool Like Semrush or Ahrefs then you can consider this tool. If you use this tool then this will be the best seo lifetime deals for you to do keyword research.

Alternately, there is the tool Google Keyword Planner but That never show you Keyword difficulty or any other metrics to their users.

If you are on a limited budget then surely consider this tool or if nothing to plan go with this tool you can also consider alternate SEO tool Ubersuggest with 3 free daily searches or Google Keyword Planner limited to volume only data.

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