How To Use SEMrush for Keyword Research? -3 Best SEMrush Alternatives

How To Use SEMrush for Keyword Research?

Last Updated on August 21, 2022 SEO SEM
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Have you heard about the SEMrush SEO tool?

  • What Is Semrush
  • How to Use Semrush for keyword research?
  • How to use SEMrush to improve SEO?
  • How to use SEMrush for SEO?
  • How to use SEMrush keyword magic tool?
  • How to use SEMrush for paid search?

Any other questions or queries in your mind regarding keyword research? No issue; we will try to replicate them here in an easy way.

Content is King, But Quality also matters. No One gives you their tactics to rank higher in search results. It would help improve your kill about topic researchtarget audiencebacklinks strategywebsite domains analysis and finding keyword gaps. (Learn: What is Keyword Research?)

How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

Follow Important Points while Write Your Content

  • First, search your competitor and analyse what they are writing about in what way. Alternate, you can try with Semrush Keyword Magic Tool to find good keywords.
  • Write 800 words to 1500 words of good quality content but informative and unique (Not copied or entirely plagiarised)
  • Use root Keywords or Long-tail keywords to rank higher in SERPs and better content visibility.
  • Use good images for Infographics for a better user experience.
  • Use proper spacing after every line or two to four lines. Long paragraphs might irritate your users and their eyes.

Special note: Detail of content and detail in the content matter. Not only content. SEO covers PPC campaign, Keyword research, Competitive research, Social media ads campaign, Domain analysis, SEO advertising content, such as tools you should operate. Only SEMrush with better UI will provide you.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What Is Semrush (An Overview)
  2. How to use Semrush for Keyword Research? (Step by Step Guide)
  3. Semrush Alternative (Free and Paid)
Best Semrush Alternatives SEO SEM
Get FREE Access to SEMrush 49+ Paid Tools Trial of Pro account worth $119.95.

What Is SEMrush? (An Overview)

What is SEMrush used for? Do you think the same?

SEMrush is the tool for competitor analysiskeyword trackingWebsite SEO auditkeyword research and much more. This tool will help you to find high profitable keywords in your niche. You can use the Magic tool to find out high and low competition keywords with the latest trends.

It is the best tool to keep spying on your competitors. Trackside by side domain tracking and find up and downs. For beginners, this tool will help to find lucrative and ow SEO difficulty keywords easily.

Keyword Magic Tool is an excellent option for sites looking to gain low KD but high Volume. Semrush has 50+ SEO tools, and PPC tools, including a Site Audit toolLocal SEOOn-Page SEO CheckerContent Audit and SEO Writing Assistant etc.

All tools are so easy to use but are you a beginner? How can you use this tool? Check below step by step guide.

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My Experience with SEMrush Keyword Research

How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

When I start learning to blog, I was using a free keyword tool. Generally, I used Google Keyword planner, but the result was not satisfactory last 2016. I was able to get some article rank, but a few months later, I even didn’t know why my ranking drops.

We pick low competition keywords when using that tool but never know their Keyword difficulty keyword Intent.

Yes, You heard right, Keyword Intent. Finding a good keyword is not easy but challenging. The user intent keyword will help you grow your traffic and sales exponentially.

Later we were able to find the Semrush tool for better keyword research. Semrush helps a lot to understand what SEO mean for blogging.

Try SEMrush Pro – Free for 7 Days

How to use SEMrush? (Step by Step Guide)

How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

SEMrush is a great tool; it is a complete SEO software suite. If you want to compete with your competitors or competitive research, this toll will grow exponentially. Want to stand out from the competition?
It would be helpful if you used this tool for keyword research and deep data analysis. Alternately you will get an idea of how to add keywords in the SEMrush tool.
But how?
If you have a good amount to spend, you can purchase it with a monthly subscription, i.e. $119.95/Month or Go for a 7 Days Free Trial. Let’s dig into the tutorial. 

  1. Login to Dashboard

    How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

    You are on the Dashboard of the SEO tool.
    Now you have two options to do keyword research.
    1. By Direct Keyword or Niche related keywords research.
    2. By Competitor Domain Analysis.
    We will pick up the first step, as we are finding keyword ideas from scratch.

  2. Keyword Research Tool Overview

    How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

    Complete Tool overview:
    1. Keyword overview: To find exact statics about any feed keyword.
    2. Keyword Magic Tool: To find high and low-volume keyword ideas with trends. User can filter their data easily here.
    3. Keyword Manager: Great tool to create a list with up to 1000 keywords to track.
    In my case, we are searching for a seed keyword – Affiliate Marketing

  3. Keyword Overview: Affiliate Marketing

    How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

    Complete Statics data about this one keyword.
    What is it?
    1. Volume: Check the country-wise volume
    2. Keyword difficulty: How hard is this keyword to rank in search results
    3. Global Volume: Volume of specific keywords from all around the world (simple how many users are searching for the same query)
    4. SERP Results: How many search results there being shown for the same query
    5. Trend: How often is any query being searched by users
    6. CPC: Ad value for this same query
    7. Competition: How competitive is this query, and what efforts do you need to rank for the same

  4. Related Data: Keywords Variation, Questions and Related Keywords

    How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

    The User will get different keyword variation ideas, Questions for articles, and associated keywords on every query. These are all queries any user can use and rank.

  5. Keyword Magic Tool (How to use SEMrush keyword magic tool)

    how to use semrush

    Now we will try to get a broad suggestion for our main search query, i.e. “Affiliate Marketing“. Here we will get a general recommendation of related keyword and long-tail keywords and the latest trendsVolumeCompetition and KD. This Magic tool will help you generate hundreds of good keywords idea in just one click.

  6. Keyword Manager

    How To Use Semrush For Keyword Research

    It is as simple as finding new keywords and making them an ist for future use with up to 1000 keywords. Service can export XLSX or CSV files or other SEMrush tools.

SEMrush Alternative (Free and Paid)

Not every User can pay hundreds of dollars in a month. Not every User affords such an expensive tool for keyword research.

SEMrush is a paid tool that hasn’t any free plan available for users. It has advanced features so that users can grow without the SEMrush tool.

How can we check SEO Difficulty (KD), keyword rankingsDomain analysis or backlink analysis? We have free alternatives as well as paid SEMrush alternatives for you.

Do such tools provide capabilities like premium tools? My Answer will be yes but only in Paid tool, not in the Free SEO tools version. So what are SEMrush free alternatives and PaidLets Check

  1. Ahrefs (Paid & Very Close Competitor)
  2. Serpstat (Paid but not Strong Competitor)
  3. KWFinder (Paid and Trial, Extensive Keyword Database)
  4. Ubersuggest (Free & Paid Both, Little Close competition)
  5. Ahrefs (Free Version but very limited to the first 10 Keywords)
  6. Google Keyword Planner (Free but very limited to Keyword Detail) SEO SEM
Get FREE Access to SEMrush 49+ Paid Tools Trial of Pro account worth $119.95.

1. Ahrefs (Paid Version, All in One SEO Tool Similar to SEMrush)

Starts from $99/Month

ahrefs keyword tool

Ahrefs is a close competitor of the SEMrush tool. It has an Extensive Seo tool to explore. Comes with Backlinks and a keyword research tool analyser. You will get detailed analysis data from seed keywords entered in the search box.

Phrase match‘, ‘Also Rank For‘ and ‘search suggestions‘ are designed for detailed keyword research to make it easy. ‘Domain Analysis‘, ‘Site Explorer‘, ‘Site Audit‘, ‘Rank Checker‘ and ‘Content explorer‘ are similar SEO tools that exist in their portfolio. Ahrefs Tools portfolio is full of extensive tools which can be mentioned in a single article here.

As this tool is the main competitor so you can get every seed keyword’s latest trend, total volume and KD. Data is very accurate and extensive to use. I love this tool after SEMrush to cross-check my seed keyword data.

2. SerpStat (Good Alternate for Keyword and Backlinks Analysis)

Starts from $69/Month

how to use semrush for keywords (5)

According to me, this tool is very good for Keyword Search but not good as Ahrefs and SEMrush. Users can do Website analysis, Keyword research, Backlink Analysis, Site audit and rank tracker are a few tools available in their tools portfolio.

I tried to do my Seed keyword analysis but didn’t able to find Keyword difficulty so the company should improve their tool as soon as possible.

3. KWFinder (Can be a Good Alternate to SEMrush in Terms of Price & Analysis)

Starts from $29.90/Month

how to use semrush for keywords

Yes, This tool analysis data is very good. We search our feed keyword there in the search box. Results are quite good and the interface is quite good. KWFinder comes with five SEO tools. ‘Keyword Reasecrh’, ‘SERP Analysis‘, ‘Rank Tracking‘, ‘Backlink Analysis‘ and ‘Seo metrics and Insights‘.

Each tool has good presence and analytics data to show. I fell in love with this tool-generated Related keyword data. After SEMrush and Ahrefs, I will strongly suggest you go for This tool. Keyword metrics and analysis are most similar to both tools.

4. UberSuggest (Close Competition but limited to Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis)

Start from $29/Month

how to use semrush for keywords

If someone is starting from scratch or start blogging. This tool will surely help you to grow up. The tool is good for keyword research but sometimes generated keywords are relevant to us. The tool is limited to Keyword research, Competitor analysis and Backlink analysis.

I use this tool, but the tool lack some KD analysis and related keyword ideas. But this is not a major problem because of Neil Patel owner, of Improving the Ubersuggest tool day by day. The first three queries are fee further analysis you have to pay.

5. Ahrefs (Free Version – Keywords Only)

Starts from $0/Month(FREE)

how to use semrush for keywords

The paid version is an excellent performer as compared to the free version. But in my opinion, the tool which you are getting at $99/month and so popular, you get at $0 cost. You should not leave this opportunity.

The tool will provide you with hundreds of related keywords and questions about seed keywords. First ten keywords with SEO Difficulty and volume. Instead of Using Ubersuggest, you can try this free version of Ahrefs as well.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Starts from $0/Month(FREE)

how to use semrush for keywords

Google keyword planner is very limited to keyword research. This tool is specially designed for advertisers to check any Keywords Volume, Bid value and Competiton. But the volume generated with keyword competition is excellent.

This tool is very good to find the exact volume of any seed keyword, Alternate you can use the same seed keywords to cross-check with other paid tools if you have any.

Didn’t find a Good Alternate? Go for SEMrush Free Trial?
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  1. What Is Semrush Academy?

    Ans. SEMrush academy is Free Online Digital Marketing Courses and Exams platform. It great platform to learn SEMrush software. Alternate you can learn SEO, Content marketing, PPC, SMM and Competitive research. Users will get extensive video lessons and best practice tips. Enrol free in SEMrush Academy today to learn SEO.

  2. What About SEMrush Affiliate Program?

    Ans. SEMrush Affiliate is a very excellent affiliate program for bloggers/Marketers,/Influencers. You can earn Earn $200 for every new sale generated by your link, $10 for every new trial caused by your association and $0.01 for every new sign-up generated by your link. 
    Why can one join this Affiliate program?
    1. Users can explore 48+ tools for marketers.
    2. Recurring 40% commission for lifetime.
    3. Dedicated support team.
    4. Best for the Content publisherAgencyPaid search specialistCourse creatordata integrator, and All-around marketer.
    5. Bunch of Promo Materials.

  3. Why SEMrush Blog?

    Ans. Didn’t find any practical knowledge to learn this SEO tool. SEMrush Blog is a great way to explore content. You can find an extensive list of blog articles about SEO, Social Media, Marketing and Paid Media.

  4. What is Semrush used for?

    Ans. SEMrush is used for Domain Overview, Keyword Overview, Traffic Analytics, Keyword Gap, Backlink Gap, Position tracking, organic Traffic Insights and Backlink audit.

Wrap up

Have you gotten the answer to this question – How to do keyword research with the SEMrush tool? Competition in blogging is very high these days. Free SEO tools haven’t many capabilities to do deep keyword research and provide accurate and sound analysis.

In an earlier stage, maybe you will use free SEO tools. But that will never provide you with good analysis or 100% correct data. If you think you have to succeed in blogging or as an online marketer, You have to move to Paid SEO tools later. If you believe in future you will use this great tool; you can read and recommend it to others.

Writing for any blog, you should keep your keyword intent and KD analysis perfect. So the keyword you are using for your article in future, Do good research and better cross-checks with similar SEO tools for better accuracy.

Try the Semrush SEO tool

If you like this article, i.e. How to Use SEMrush for Keyword Research, I Will like and Comment on any modification or addition. 

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