5 Best Blog Content Ideas To Start Blog: Earn Money in 2022

Best Blog Content Ideas To Start Blog

Do you love to earn money? Do you love to earn money via blog?

Starting a Blog to generate a good Passive income is a Good Idea. But do you have the Best Blog Content Ideas to Start your blog and start to Earn a Good Income? These 5 Best Blog Content Ideas To Earn Money will surely help you today.

We will learn and Try to discuss the below points. We will further discuss the 5 Best Niche Ideas that have huge potential to generate a good amount of traffic to your blog.

The main focus of our will remain of Volume and Competition. The Keyword Volume is high but Competitors will low means that is the perfect keyword to start a blog.

6 Best Blog Content Ideas To Earn Money in 2021
Best Blog Content Ideas

5 Best Blog Content Ideas To Earn Money

Let’s start and dig into the Article. All Keyword Ideas has been researched over Semrush SEO Tool. Interested to learn How to start a blog on WordPress.orgCheck WpBegginer Blog Article here.

If you don’t want to start your blog on Wordlpress.org from scratch Than you should check Wix Platform to start your blog. All these keywords are very unique Niches we have chosen.

1. Leave Application

Leave application is the First Blog Ideas Topics you can choose and Make a niche blog on it. The popularity of this keyword is high around 78%. KD or Keyword difficulty is of medium level. but if you work on this keyword you can make your blog so popular in a short time span. Below is the screenshot is taken from Semrush Keyword Research Tool. Global volume is around 157.6k and the Trend is in an upwards direction.

  • Keyword: Leave Application
  • Global Volume: 157.6K
  • India Volume: 135.0K
  • KD: 78%
  • Competition: 0 (Very Very Very Low)
6 Best Blog Content Ideas To Earn Money in 2021

2. Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs is very popular in India. If you looking to start a blog then this Keyword will help you. It is not a seasonal keyword idea for you. Semrush Tool has high KD or Keyword difficulty around 95% of this keyword. But if you are passionate about blogging you should pick up this keyword idea and start designing your blog. If you remain consistent and write and publish weekly basis. The chances of being popular with your blog are very high. Upon the regular amount of blog, post posting will help you stand out in Google Search Results.

  • Keyword: Mehndi Designs
  • Global Volume: 4.6M
  • India Volume: 4.1M
  • KD: 94%
  • Competition: 0.01 (Very Very Low)
Best Blog Content Ideas To Earn Money

3. Cycle Lock

Cycle lock is a good blog idea to start a blog. But This keyword better belongs to the Affiliate Marketing site. You can create good review posts and top posts content related to Cycle Lock or Cycle related niche. If you thinking about this keyword to start your simple blog or Amazon Affiliate blog. Then the first register for India Amazon Affiliate Program. Keyword Difficulty on Semrush Tool is 83% and Competiton is around 1% means good topics to start your blog.

  • Keyword: Cycle Lock
  • Global Volume: 14.2K
  • India Volume: 12.1K
  • KD: 83%
  • Competition: 1 (Very Low)
Best Blog Content Ideas

4. Office Table & Office Chair

Office Chair or Office Table is another two keywords for Blog Content Idea to start a blog with. You can write about office related articles and office related products. Keyword Density of Both keywords according to the Semrush tool is around 85% for both Office Chair and Office Table. You can start your blog by embedding simple products into your blog or converting them to affiliate blog posts. You have to join Amazon Affiliate Program to monetize your links and Hyperlink any related products in that article too.

  • Keyword: Office Chair
  • Global Volume: 1.4M
  • India Volume: 165.0K
  • KD: 85%
  • Competition: 1 (Very Low)
  • Keyword: Office Table
  • Global Volume: 144.0K
  • India Volume: 74.0K
  • KD: 85%
  • Competition: 1 (Very Low)

Product Examples:

  1. Office Chair: Da URBAN® Boom 06 Mid Back Mesh Revolving Chair with Wheels
  2. Office Table: BLUEWUD Mallium Engineered Wood Matte Study Table 


5. Full Form

Full-Form is another Keyword on which you can start your blog. With this keyword, you won’t need to create a lengthy article. You need to just describe the simple Full Form of any short words. According to Semrush Keyword Difficulty of the Full Form, the keyword is around 89%. You can start monetizing your blog Google Adsense or other ads network.

  • Keyword: Full Form
  • Global Volume: 146.7K
  • India Volume: 135.0K
  • KD: 89%
  • Competition: 0 (Very Very Low)

Summary: Best Blog Content Ideas

Starting a blog and earning from them is the dream of many users. But somehow many users don’t know from which topic they should start and earn passive income. Today we have picked up Best Content Ideas for Blogs in today date.

These 5 Blog posts ideas for beginners will surely help them to start their blog today. You can follow these all Content ideas topics to generate good income from your blog.

If we have missed anything please let us know below by placing a comment.

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