3 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000 | Xiaomi vs BoAt vs OnePlus?

Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000

Last Updated on August 19, 2022

Recently we have done a detailed review of some of the best industry-leading wireless Bluetooth neckbands under 2000.

Today we will do a detailed comparison between Xiaomi, Boat and Oneplus Neckband. These all are the 3 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000. In the full review, we will conclude which one is better in terms of Build Quality, Design, Sound Quality and Calling Experience.

You should check these features:

  1. Bass boost
  2. Battery life
  3. Dynamic drivers
  4. Water resistance
  5. Bluetooth 5.0 vs old version
  6. Touch Control

In today’s review, we will try to find the best and will try to eliminate confusion between these three neckbands:

These all wireless neckbands come under the price range of 20003000. And the most important thing is that at this price tag you will get Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Editon. Many users have confusion about in three neckbands that who is best and which to buy.

3 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000 In India

Bluetooth NeckbandWhy ConsiderCheck Price
1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass EditionBetter Build Quality, Lightweight, Better EarbudsCheck the price on Amazon
3. Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+Good Wire Quality, Metallic Earbuds, Button QualityCheck the price on Amazon
2. Mi Neckband ProDual Noise Cancellation, High BASSCheck the price on Amazon

So without wasting time we try to conclude and review these 3 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000.

1. Build Quality and Design

Oneplus Bullets: Out of these three neckbands, the build quality of the Oneplus Bullets Z Bass edition has very high. It comes with Silicon rubber and is very smooth. You can easily keep these earphones in your pocket or in your bag without any breakage or damage.

Boat Rockerz: But if we talk about Xiaomi Pro and Boat Rockerz, Both come with Silicon rubber. But thickness is not proper in both neckbands. The boat can consider a flat neckband because when you wear this neckband it doesn’t take proper shape on your neck.

Mi Pro: If we Talk about the MI neckband it comes with good build quality but upon wearing you will feel and heavy like stuff in your neck. Thickness is good in this neckband. Overall plastic build quality is there in all neckbands.

Winner: Oneplus Bullets Z Bass Edition

2. Wire Quality

In all wire quality of the Boat is good as compared to the other two neckbands. Boat Rockerz comes with Flat wire which runs long but it totally depends upon your usage and lifestyle. On another hand, the other two neckbands have round and thin wire so the long-lasting guarantee will not be there.

Winner: Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+

3. Earbuds Quality

If we talk about earbuds and their build quality, Boat Rockerz provide very solid metallic earbuds’ build quality. Even these are metallic but sometimes you feel a little heavy in your ears.

On another hand, OnePlus neckbands have better and lightweight earbuds. OnePlus neckband is already overall lightweight and when you wear earbuds in your ears you will feel very comfortable. Even if you can Gyming, Relax or Jogging you can keep these earphones on your neck due to their lightweight. Even if you are not using you can keep magnet touch without feeling any bulky weight.

Winner: Oneplus Bullets Z Bass Edition

4. Button Quality

In all these neckband modules, Buttons are provided to operate easily. In the Mi Pro and OnePlus Neckband, You will get buttons inside the module. In the module, you will get a multifunction button like the play-Pause button and volume up and down.

On another hand, Boat Rockerz have dedicated buttons attached to this module. If we talk about buttons build quality is good even though these are very tactile. Every press will give you an awesome feeling and even the response is very good.

As compared to others, Oneplus and MI doesn’t provide you with a good feel overall.

Winner: Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+

5. Dual Pairing and Switch Option

In all neckbands, Boat Rockerz have a Quick Switch button. You can switch and connect with any device with one click easily. There is a special and dedicated button provided in the module.

As compared to others, Oneplus has Dual Paring but there is no dedicated button for a quick switch provided. If you wish to connect or switch this earphone with another device you have to do it from your mobile device.

Even there is no Switch option and Dual pairing functionality provided in the Mi Pro module.

Winner: Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+

6. Connectivity

All neckbands come with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity. All neckband connectivity is better but if we talk about which is perfect in connectivity? Then our vote will go to OnePlus Bullets connectivity. There will be no distraction even if your mobile is away from you.

But if we talk about the connectivity of Boat and Mi, We will feel a little distracted. Maximum distraction you will feel when you will be on call or listening to music.

Winner: Oneplus Bullets Z Bass Edition

7. Sound Quality

Boat Rockerz: This is the most important aspect if we are comparing all neckbands. The users who love to listen to very loud and Punchy BASS sound then Boat Rockerz are made for you. Trebble quality is not good because BASS is very High.

Mi Pro: This is a similar neckband to Boat in terms of sound quality and BASS. You will get similar sound quality like in Boat Rockerz even in 70 to 80 per cent volume. Due to heavy BASS, You have to compromise with sound quality. Trebble and Vocals will also feel down due to high BASS. Even on normal music listening or watching movies, we will feel little heavy bass, so it will surely be for you if you are a BASS lover but not a normal user.

OnePlus Bullets: As compared to these two neckbands, the Oneplus Neckband is good.

Users will get balanced sound quality. BASS is very premium. Vocals, EDM or even if you are a POP music lover, the user will get better BASS. Loudness is not high as compared to other neckbands which we are comparing above. Your audio experience will not ruin if you are a normal music lover.

Winner in Sound Quality + Balanced Bass: Oneplus Bullets Z Bass Edition

Winner in High Bass: Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+ and Mi Neckband PRO

Conclusion: 3 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000

Above reviews neckbands are the best and we consider these 3 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000. All things are good in these neckbands. Module wise we have done a review and described a detailed review. All neckbands have equal Audio codecs support.

Mi comes with ENC noise cancellation which is very highlighted. We will not say that ENC is out of the world but overall good for a better calling experience. Now you can understand if you sit in a room and the fan is running is full speed then you feel fan noise in your ear.

All neckbands earphones are under the budget of 3000 even the prices of neckbands come under 2000. We have considered the prices MRP and taken around the price tag. In our opinion, we can consider these best Wireless Earphones Under 3000.

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