6 Best Decorative Wood Craft Wall Clock Under 5000 In India (2021)

Last Updated on August 22, 2021

People love home decoration. Of course you and me also.

Wood Craft Wall Clock is one of them. Also, there are many products with which you can place and decorate your home wall with different products.

Many people love to decorate their homes with different things like their home wall or anywhere else. In today review we have curated a list of the 6 best decorative wall clocks and hope you will get it to your home under Rs.5000 budget.

Best Decorative Wood Wall Clocks Under 5000 In India
Wood Craft Wall Clock

Below we have listed our best handpicked decorative wall clocks with good design and ratings. You can check them accordingly as we have picked the best one available with the best rating possible on the online store.

wooden wall clock
Wood Craft Wall Clock

Different Types of Wall Clocks (wooden clock designs)

There are different types of clocks available in the market. We have picked them up 6 types of clock which you can generally use in your home.

On every type of clock we have picked up a clock link from Amazon, you can check the sample and price accordingly.

Check them out below:

  1. Analog clockArchana Makka Analogue Wall Clock
  2. Digital clockAjanta Quartz Digital Green LED Square Wall Clock
  3. Battery-powered clockKwanwa LED Digital Alarm Clock Battery
  4. Electronic Word clockAAAD Inc. Wood Wall Clock
  5. Radio clockWalkent Digital Alarm Clock Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
  6. Musical clockAjanta Plastic Musical Clock

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How to Choose a Wall Clock for your Home?

Follow the below steps before purchasing a wall clock:

  1. Find the Right Location at your home.
  2. You should consider where you would glance most often to check the time.
  3. Select the Right Size.
  4. Consider the Theme and colour of the Room.
  5. Check the Wall Clock Material and Style.
  6. Wall Clock Placement. Done.

6 Best Decorative Wood Craft Wall Clock Prices

Best Decorative Wood Wall Clocks Under 5000 In India
Wooden clock

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Few More Best Products Recommendations

Below is the list of best Wall clocks recommendations and best wall clocks in India.

  1. ZYNATY Wooden MDF Wall Clock – (Best for Home/Office/Kitchen)
  2. Shiva arts Elephant Design Wooden Wall Clock – (Best for Home/Office)
  3. Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock – (Different Strokes)
  4. Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock – (Classic Roulette)
  5. BEW Pendulum Wall Clock – (Best Wood wall clocks roman numerals)
  6. Seiko Pendulum Clock – (Best Wood wall clocks pendulum)
  7. Vintage Clock Double Side – (Best Vintage wood wall clock)
  8. Retailmonk Wooden Wall Clock – (Modern wood wall clock for home)
  9. Wood Craft Pendulum Wall Clock – (Best Woodcraft wall clock)
  10. Oreva Plastic Rotating – (Best Pendulum wall clock with sound)
  11. Luxxora Personalised Photo Wall Clock – (Best Personalized wood wall clock)
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antique wall clocks wooden

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (Wood Craft Wall Clock)

  1. Should you consider wooden wall clocks for your home?

    Ans. Yes, Wooden wall clocks look so attractive on home walls.

  2. What is the price of a wall clock?

    Ans. The price starts from as low as Rs.100 to Rs.500 for a wooden wall clock and can go up to the maximum high.

  3. Who invented the wall clock?

    Ans. Peter Heinlein, born in Germany (Europe), invented the first modern mechanical clock.

  4. Why is the clock important?

    Ans. The clock helps us to manage our daily routine. It helps us to show the right time. it is very useful for our daily and routine work like office, school, travel or any other work.

  5. How did people tell time before clocks?

    Ans. It was “Sundial“. It is the same look as a Sun-powered clock.

  6. How long does a wood wall clock last?

    Ans. A Wood wall clock can also last 12 months and up to last according to your use of this product. It totally depends upon, how you keep safe from dust and so many other safety precautions to keep it long-lasting.

  7. In Which Direction Clock Should Be Hanged?

    Ans. Vastu shastra suggests that the clock should be hanged on a wall in the east, west or north direction. This is because it is helpful to look at them while working. It helps to maintain positivity in the house every time.

  8. Having An Decorative Wood Wall Clock Is a Good Idea?

    Ans. Of course, everyone love decoration. The wood wall clock is also one of the products which you can set at home as decorative products also work as a clock, so does both words at the same time in one place. Not you even if we talk about the decoration of our home, we first think about the things we can purchase which should be attractive and decorative. Which can easily place that in our home.

Summary – Wood Craft Wall Clock Online

On the above review of the 6 best decorative wood wall clocks for your home, we have found out best 6 clocks. All listed clocks are best rated by users up to 4 to a 5-star rating.

The overall best Review and Rating has been posted about these clocks online on Amazon.

You can check them out according to your need, design, choice and budget. When sale season starts you can try to buy wood wall clocks for sale.

Hope you liked our review article, If anything is missed please let us know. Thank you.

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