6 Best Bluetooth Earphones In India Under 2000 | Top Picks (2021 Edition)

6 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

Are you looking for the Best Bluetooth Earphones In India Under 2000 Budget? Then this review will really help you.

Now technology is growing faster. With the speedy replacement of the 3.5 mm audio jack from most modern smartphones, wireless earphones are surely becoming the way to go when it comes to audio solutions. Giant audio manufactures have understood the need for the latest wireless technology.

6 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India

We have a list of the 6 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 budget. All these earphones will be under the budget of Rs.2000 and handpicked by us based on top reviews over the internet.

In this article, we have revealed all the 6 best Bluetooth earphones in India by taking some features like Voice clearance, Bass, Design, Wireless Bluetooth range and build quality.

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6 Best Bluetooth Earphones In India

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6 Bluetooth Earphones Review & Specifications

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1. Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones (Best overall)

  • Up to 15 hours of battery life.
  • Quick charge in 10mins for 60mins playback.
  • In-Built Mic for Hands-free calling with HD voice.
  • 9mm driver unit offers clear sound quality.
  • Portable headphones with ultra-lightweight at 15g design.
  • Clear & Balacned bass
  • 15 Hours of Battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Good Built Quality
  • Rich Sound
  • In Built Mic
  • No Noise Cancellation
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2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z (Top rated)

  • Compatible with all smartphones.
  • Charge for 10 minutes, enjoy for 10 hours on your OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z.
  • Comes equipped with the Bluetooth v5.0 QCC3024 chipset.
  • The Bullets Wireless Z comes with Warp Charge technology.
  • Having features like Quick Switch, Quick Pair and Magnetic Control.
  • A massive playtime of up to 20 hours with one time full charge.
  • Good build quality
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Latest bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Water proof
  • Good sound quality
  • Average call quality
  • Not Good Bass
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3. Realme In-Ear Buds Wireless With Mic

6 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India | Wireless & Top Picks
  • 10 minutes of charging gives you 100 minutes of battery backup time.
  • It has Large 110 mAh battery charges completely in 1.5 hours, giving a playback time of up to 12 hours.
  • 11.2 mm sound driver capable of producing great bass.
  • Earbuds with auto on and off feature for seamless audio connection.
  • Control your music, handle phone calls and Google Assistant with three tactile inline buttons.
  • Crisp sound
  • Good call quality
  • Low latency
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Concern about sound clarity
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4. Boult Audio ProBass Neckband Earphones (Best Bass)

wireless in-ear earbuds
  • Long Battery Life and Offers playback time of up to 12-15 hours for every charge. Takes 1-1.5 to get fully charged and it has 1-2 days of standby.
  • It has a 20m Transmission Distance.
  • Curve comes with Built-in micro-woofers that produce deep bass, isolating noise in any environment.
  • Earbuds and charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.
  • Ideal for sweating it out at the gym.
  • Designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0.
  • IPx5 water resistant
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • In-built mic
  • In line control
  • Comfortable fit on the neck
  • Voice command
  • noice cancellation issue
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5. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

6 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India
  • Rockerz 255 Pro offers a playback time of up to 6 hours and gets charged to 100% in 1.5 hours. Standby Time 150 hours.
  • It has a Talktime of 6 hours.
  • It has Bluetooth v5.0 with a range of 10m and is compatible with Android & iOS both.
  • It has IPX5 marked water & sweat resistance.
  • Comes with mic.
  • Good sound quality
  • Awesome call quality
  • Noice cancellation feature
  • Wirh bluetooth 5.0 connectvity
  • 6 hours of battery
  • Less battery backup
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6. boAt Rockerz 295v2 Wireless Neckband 

6 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India
  • It has Qualcomm cVc in-call noise isolation.
  • The wireless neckband offers an uninterrupted hands-free experience.
  • Connect to your media devices instantly.
  • Take the advantage of dual pairing.
  • Enjoy real-time audio with Bluetooth v5.0 latest technology.
  • Non-stop playback of up to 12 hours.
  • Offers a playtime of up to 10 hours in just 20 minutes of charge.
  • Non slippery design
  • Good Battery Life
  • Fast charging
  • It has a great in build quality
  • 15 hours of battery
  • Rapid connectivity with dual paring
  • Not Proper Battery Low Indication
  • Not Good Bass
  • Quite Weak 
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Connectivity of Wireless Earphones With Smartphones

Mainly questions arise that many people ask either in an online forum which is the best Bluetooth earphone for iPhone or Android Mobiles?

We say if you have true Bluetooth wireless earphones with you than the doubt of connectivity issue should not be an issue anymore because Bluetooth is a next-generation technology and comes with every smartphone.

best earphones
6 Best Bluetooth Earphones In India
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Why Wired or Wireless Earphones?

We need the best Bluetooth earphones for calls, listening to music and for many more activities. Choosing the right earphone might be a challenging issue for you. read the following:

  1. The earphone is available at different prices. Generally, wired earphones are less expensive as compared to wireless earphones. This is because Bluetooth earphones are more advanced as compared to wired ones.
  2. Wired earphones don’t need any charging but wireless earphones need and regular charging if you continually use them during or any sports session or any purpose.
  3. Before purchasing wired you should make sure that those earphones are compatible with your mobile because most the mobile supports a 3.5 mm jack but this is no issue with Bluetooth earphones.
  4. Wired earphones have better sound quality as compared to wireless earphones. this is because wireless work on a signal basis but this is not in the case of wired earphones.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds/Earphones recommendation Between Rs.5000 to Rs.15000

  1. Wireless Earbud – Bose SoundSport (Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones for Running and Sports)
  2. Truly Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Earbuds – Sony WF-XB700 with 18 Hours Battery Life, True Wireless Earbuds with Mic for Phone Calls, Quick Charge, BT Ver 5.0
  3. True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Sony WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation with Battery Life 32 Hours, Alexa Voice Control and mic for Phone Calls
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Bluetooth Earphones FAQ

Q.1. Is it harmful to use Bluetooth earphones?
Ans. Actually using mobiles also a harmful act but in term of wireless earphones, its range has a maximum of 10 meters so radiation emitting from such devices is not much harmful to the human body. But if you use wireless earphones so closer than chances of health issues will be there due to emitting radiations so closer.

Q.2. Are wired headphones safer than wireless?
Ans. Yes, wired headphones safer than wireless because wired earphones do not emit radiation as cored to Bluetooth earphones.

Q.3. Are earphones harmful?
Ans. Listening to audio/video through earphones in low volume might not cause any ear-related issue but high volume does.

Q.4. Which are the top companies for Wireless Earphones manufacturing?
Ans. Jabra, Sony, Harman, Sennheiser and Plantronics.
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Bottom Line: Best Bluetooth Earphones In India

In Our opinion, the best Bluetooth earphone is the wireless one, as compared to wired. the reason behind its portability and Bluetooth signal strength without a mobile device directly connected with a wire. In our above review, we have listed the 6 best Bluetooth earphones in India.

Out of which we found Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Best overall), OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones (Top rated) and Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones (Best Bass).

Now you can decide which one you should buy. Thank you for reading this article.

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