Comparison: Aweber vs Mailchimp | Aweber review, Pricing & Features

Aweber vs Mailchimp

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

aweber logo
Drag and drop email builder
Beautiful email templates
Automated Emails
Unlimited email storage
Industry-leading deliverability
RSS to email

How much is Aweber Pricing? Which is best in both Aweber vs Mailchimp? Is it the same question arising in your mind?

Of course, if you are a blogger and have found Aweber a good tool for marketing then searching for AWeber pricing is a good deal as they provide a “pay as you go” plan.

Like if you have a list of 500 subscribers, these all will come under the Free plan, but if there is an increase in subscribers, you have to pay extra charges according to the subscriber.

Aweber is a great tool for Email marketing. Aweber pricing are not overall saturated like other email marketing tools, they have Aweber pricing plans divided into 2 pricing structure i.e Free and a PRO plan for all. There is a subscriber-based subscription you say.
Aweber Pricing & review
Aweber vs Mailchimp
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Why Email Marketing?

But why email marketing? No matter what type of organization/Website/Blog you run but email marketing can help you connect with and grow your audience. Email marketing is a great option within social media marketing.

But if I compare I would like to say Email marketing is so better than social media marketing that why because the email subscribers you retain will remain with you last as that subscribers’ emails you will keep with you always but as compared to social media users have the option to follow or unfollow to your social media page.

Why Aweber Email Marketing?

Many reasons I will consider if you really think you should try Aweber Email Marketing as your preferred tool overall.

The most interesting thing about this tool is that: Automatically creates amazing-looking emails, Beautiful landing pages and web push notifications.

You can design or create custom email templates without ever having to write any code on your own. Having a vast collection of free templates and free newsletter automation tool make it overall away from the competition.

aweber logo
Drag and drop email builder
Beautiful email templates
Automated Emails
Unlimited email storage
Industry-leading deliverability
RSS to email

Easily Create and Send Email

grow your busine
Aweber vs Mailchimp

You don’t need to spend too much time creating emails and templates. With the help of the below tools, you can create and send stunning emails to your subscribers.

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Beautiful email templates
  • Automated Emails
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Industry-leading deliverability
  • RSS to email

These are a few tools that help you make a good email marketing campaign easily.

How to Get Started with AWeber?

Aweber vs Mailchimp

Getting started from scratch with this email marketing tool is very easy.

  1. Just move to and select any plan out of 2 plans i.e. Free and PRO plan.

  2. Aweber Marketing tool has 120000+ active users/businesses using their email marketing services.

    You’ll get unlimited lists, emails and image storage, plus their comprehensive resources and awesome premium customer support. There is Live 24/7 chat support that will always be available.
    If you purchase a Free plan in the initial stage, you don’t need to upgrade the plan anymore.

  3. If you are using other company email marketing tools right away and want to move on to Aweber.

    You have either a small list or a big list of email subscribers just shifting from one tool to another too is so easy as they have better migrating service.

You can migrate easily from below few email marketing tools

  1. Constant Contact
  2. MailChimp
  3. GetResponse

Connect AWeber with other Tools

Integrate AWeber with the services you already use, It will automatically sync your data, and import subscribers easily.

Below are a few of the most popular integrations AWeber will offer you.

  1. GoToWebinar – Host webinars easily with GoToWebinar.
  2. WordPress – If you have got a WordPress blog, and have got an email campaign then just install the email subscriber form and collect email directly from the blog.
  3. Paypal – With this tool taking payment is too easy Paypal.
  4. Weblium – Easily connect with Weblium’s most convenient website builder.
  5. Elementor – Best website builder to create a stunning website and its pages easily with this Elementor. No Coding is Needed.

Rather than the above-mentioned tools and services, there are a few more services you can use this tool with i.e. Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, Bloom plugin from Elegant themes, raven tools, Blogger, podcast websites many more other 50+ tools or services.

Web Push Notification feature (Newly Launched)

Let’s check the benefits:

  1. Instant Notification – as soon as come online your active user will get a notification.
  2. High engagement – encourage your website visitors to subscribe and engage with the site.
  3. High Deliver-ability – Your subscriber will instantly push notifications whenever they are online.
  4. Included with AWeber Pro & Free – included in both pricing plans.
  5. Increased Web Traffic – you can drive more traffic to your website whenever any user clicks on a link in your notification.
Aweber Pricing & review
Aweber vs Mailchimp
Pro tip:
1. Want to know which strategies are the best at driving web traffic and growing your audience? How about the #1 way to grow your revenue with digital marketing?
Then check out the Aweber free 2021 Digital Marketing Report for Entrepreneurs & Small Business at Digital Marketing Report Here.
Benefits You Get Who Reads The Report :
1. Convert More Leads into Customers
2. Turn Social Media Followers into Email Subscribers

17 Awesome Aweber Features

They have 17 unique features which you can read below.

  1. Smart Designer Tool – The tool is AI-powered that automatically creates an amazing branded email.
  2. Landing Pages – Create stunning visual appealing landing pages.
  3. Drag & Drop Email Creation – You can create a custom email in minutes.
  4. Free Template Library – You can get started with a massive library of the pre-built template.
  5. Auto Newsletters – You can automate content creation by posting the latest blog posting from your blog.
  6. Create Automatons – Assign triggers and flows email that delivers the right message to the right person at right time.
  7. Automate Tagging – You can tag people automatically so that the right email sends to the right audience.
  8. Personalize Communications – You can send a selected audience to send personalized emails.
  9. Pre-built Report – An meaningful insight and campaign performance.
  10. Data That Matters – This report contains key performance indicators that can anyone easily understand.
  11. Mobile Reports – An app for easy-to-go reports.
  12. Optimize Your Efforts – Test different subject lines and messages to see what delivers the best results.
  13. Easy Subscriber management – Manage the people in your lists and categories them so that when you send any offer in the mail they respond to the mail accordingly.
  14. Quick Segmentation & Targeting – You can organize your lists in a way that makes sense.
  15. Sign-up Forms – Create stunning-looking, browser-friendly responsive signup forms.
  16. Concierge Migration Services – Already have a list? Migrate all data or emails without paying any extra fee to them.
  17. AWeber Stat – Better analysis of your mail the one you have sent to your audience.
Aweber vs Mailchimp

AWeber Pricing

Are you looking for a better tool that gives you better pricing overall this tool will provide you with a better price, It will not go beyond your budget? They have 2 Plans Free and PRO.

Aweber Pricing & review
Aweber vs Mailchimp

Aweber Pricing plan divides into two options:

  1. The FREE plan includes up to 500 Subscribers.
  2. PRO pan Starts from $16.15/Month than above from 501 to 2500 subscribers few will be $29/Month respectively and if your subscribers increase then the fee will be charged accordingly.
  3. But in case you have a list of 25000+ subscribers, then you have to contact AWeber accordingly for a custom plan.

Aweber Pro Upgradation Benefits

AWeber Pro unlocks every single feature businesses/bloggers/Sm’s need to continue their success.

  1. Unlimited lists and unlimited email sends. There are no restrictions on how many times you send emails to your audience. 
  2. Understand your audience better. Create and send to custom audience segments. So you can share messages and promotions.
  3. Improve audience engagement. Learn who is opening your messages, who is clicking, what they’re clicking on, and how your list is growing.
  4. Drive sales with cart abandonment & personalization. Trigger an automated cart abandonment campaign. You can do with tags, and add click and open automation to your broadcasts. Send personalized messages based on which pages of your website your subscribers visit, and what they clicked on or purchased.
  5. Track sales and web traffic. See which pages of your website your subscribers visit. You can easily track when they purchase your products and services. 

Aweber vs Mailchimp – Short Comparison

Both are great tools, but if you wanna know some basic differences between both tools you can check the below table.

With AWeber Pricing, you can get started for FREE with more features as compared to Mailchimp free version i.e.

  • Email marketing and landing pages
  • 24/7 Customer Support by phone/email/chat
  • Campaign automation & Web Push Notifications
  • Free migration service & Integration
Multiple team members accessYESNO
Access ALL email templatesYESNO
Create custom HTML templatesYESNO
Autoresponders with more than one messageYESNO
Phone supportYESNO
Email support (beyond 30 days)YESNO
Live chat support (beyond 30 days)YESNO
Free migration serviceYESNO
Direct integration with Shopify, Etsy and PayPalYESNO
Web Push NotificationsUP TO 50K SUBSCRIBERSNO
Multiple listsNONO
Remove email provider brandingNONO
Split test sign-up formsNONO

FAQ – AWeber Email Marketing Tool

Q.1. What are web push notifications?

Ans. Web push notification is short and one-time messages that deliver directly on your website. Only users need to give your sent notification to give permission to send you further notifications.

Q.2. How much do AWeber’s web push notifications cost?

Ans. If you have a Pro plan you can send web push notifications to an unlimited number of site subscribers but if you have only a Free plan you can send up to 50,0000 site subscribers. There is no extra fee applicable for web push notifications.

Q.3. How can set up web push notifications on their website easily?

Step 1: Just after Aweber login – Click the “Web Push Notifications” tab in your dashboard.
Step 2: Then select the “Get Started” button.
Step 3: Enter your website information there completely.
Step 4: Upload an image or logo on the respective section wherever asked.
Step 5: Copy and paste a snippet of code into your site or upload a snippet/setup files on file manager.

Q.4. Does AWeber provide free migration service from other marketing tools?

Ans. Yes, AWeber provides a free migration service.

Q.5. Does AWeber provide 24/7 Live Support?

Ans. Yes

Q.6. Do they provide Sign up form split testing?

And. Yes but only on the PRO account not on a free account.

Q.7. Does the Aweber Affiliate program good to join?

And. Yes, They have a 30% recurring plan until subscribed users from your link will pay to the company.

Aweber Pricing & review
Aweber vs Mailchimp

Conclusion: Aweber vs Mailchimp

Email marketing tool is the need for current marketing needs. Different types of marketing like Social media marketing and content marketing are also part of Digital marketing.

Every online marketing is directly connected to each other to provide better support and better engagement these days.

Besides this topic, we have also done a short comparison of Mailchimp vs Aweber above. Mailchimp is also a great tool but it somewhat lacks in the free plan.

Otherwise, both are great tools to start with free as compared to another tool which will start charging you up from 1st day as just a temporary trial not too worth for at all.

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